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What is Gelish?
Gelish is a gel polish designed for both natural nail and enhancement clients.  Unlike conventional gels or gel nails, Gelish is applied like a normal polish (base coat, colour coat* and top coat) but cured under LED.  Clients may also find that their natural nails can grow longer than usual as Gelish provides strength to the natural nail.

You do not need long nails to wear Gelish.  If you would like help growing your natural nails Gelish can help you achieve this in weeks.  See our growth programme page for more information.

*Clear Gelish can be applied if your profession means you can not have colour but need the benefit of strength.
  • Up to 3 weeks high shine gloss, chip and scratch free wear on nails - longer on toes!
  • Does not look thick on the nail
  • Over 100 colours to chose from
  • No more nicks, chips, dents or smudges post manicure
  • Provides strong natural nail protection
  • Removed easily in 10-15 minutes - no drilling/buffing or filing
  • Tough and flexible
  • No damage to natural nail.
  • For weak or damaged nails a strengthening layer of gel can be applied.

To remove Gelish from your nails they are simply wrapped up with a cotton pad soaked in Gelish remover and held in place with a piece of foil.  No files or drills used therefore no damage to natural nails.

"I know I need to have a break from Gelish every so often as my nails need to breathe"

I have heard this on occasion over the years.  It's a myth.  They don't!  There is no reason to believe nails need to "breathe".  Nails aren't alive and don't have lungs nor do they have any ability to absorb air into the nail plate.  In short, nails do not need an external air supply.  100% of the oxygen needed by the nail matrix to create a new healty nail plate comes from the blood stream.  Following the Gelish aftercare advice properly will mean your natural nails remain strong, healthy and beautiful.

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