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Gelish Aftercare Advice
To ensure you enjoy beautiful Gelish nails for as long as possible the following aftercare advice should be followed.  The longevity of your Gelish nails will depend on individual lifestyle and aftercare:-

>Gelish should last up to 3 weeks on your fingers and up to 8 weeks on toes if you follow this advice.  I can't stress enough that cuticle oil should be applied daily preferably twice a day, everyday.  Use a small amount on the cuticle area, and massage into the cuticle and surrounding skin/nail.  The Retreat uses Solar Oil and this can also be purchased from The Retreat in three sizes.  For further information please see the Solar Oil page for more information.

>Be especially careful in the first 24 hours after application.  Don't soak your hands too long in very hot water and avoid intense heat (saunas or sunbeds).  Also avoid swimming in the first 24 hours whilst the Gelish bonds to the nail.

>Wash your hands after applying any creams.  In particular sun lotions or any lotions containing Lanolin or Deet as they can cause Gelish to lift and chip.
>Never use your nails as tools, use the pads of your fingers.
>Never pick the product off as this can cause damage to the nail which may mean your next application will not last as long.
>Avoid using harsh chemicals eg acetone/cleaning products without protection.   Always wear rubber gloves.
>Always wear rubber gloves when doing household chores, washing up & gardening.
>Keep your nails at a reasonable length and shape for you.

>Do not pick, chew, cut or file your nails.  This will cause damage to the application and lifting of the product.

>Do not use your nails to open anything or put unnecessary stress on them.  Gelish is protective but does not make them indestructible..

>Should any adverse reaction occur - itchiness, redness or soreness please contact The Retreat as soon as possible.
>Always have your Gelish removed professionally.  This is free from The Retreat is reapplying at the same time as a new application.  Never try to remove the product yourself.  Incorrect removal can result in damaging your nails which may mean your next application will  not last as long.  If you do break or damage a nail please contact The Retreat for repair.  A small charge is applicable after 48 hours of the initial treatment.

>Structure gel is recommended for weak, damaged, peeling or flaky nails.  It can help extend Gelish wear and improve nail condition.

Remember......Jewels not Tools! 

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